Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nearly there...

One more day to go,

One more day of sorrow,
One more day in this old place,

And we'll be off the morrow...

Remember singing that as lad at school - feels that way at the moment!! There are a lot of excited little bunnies at our place with an attention span of about 5 seconds right now.

It's Christmas dinner today, so we're going to make hats for that, then calendars to take home...and, well probably watch a DVD.

What are our plans for the hols?

  • It's Mother's 81st on Monday, so we're treating her to a trip to London , The Royal Albert Hall. Santa's Little Cracker, then a meal.
  • Tuesday Debs and Camlin are coming up to stay, so it's another trip into London for me (Suzie, poor devil, has to work).
  • Christmas Eve, we're off to Mother's again for the festive period - Daughter, Grand-Daughter and me via the tube, Suzie via work!!

as for New Year -

and we've go to take this fella...

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