Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Skywatch

Over the school today...


  1. Pic kinda blurry but looks like overcast clouds.


  2. Hmm Suzie...
    While we appreciate contributions to Skywatch, don't you think you're selling yourself a bit short?
    I think you can do better, than posting a small and very blurry picture. What about it?

    Klaus from the Skywatch team

  3. It looks like a pretty sky with nice trees underneath. It is small, and I couldn't make it bigger (maybe due to my computer being "weird" today). But from what I can see, it is beautiful.

  4. there is nothing like a pretty sky to make us stop and think good happy thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  5. stormy skies, huh! hmmm...same here in's very unpredictable... :( happy skywatching!

  6. Klaus,

    Sorry if my little pic offends - d minus I suppose.

    And - if I see a sky I like and I've only my 5 meg camera phone, then'll I'll use it - and at the time this one was taken I was surrounded by my year 1 class so time was ofthe essence.