Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good morning all.

For some reason awake bloody early, so wash, shave and a cup of tea and sat here surfing away through other peoples lives on the random blog changer!!

Haven't been to this one for a while, but it's quite reassuring that there really are some quite normal people in the 'Good Old USA' !!

I'm going to blatantly steal the idea stolen by of a daily photo blog - especially as I now have ANEWPHONE !!

Been going the gym regularly again since January - definitely feeling the benefit now; weight slowly going down, tummy still very visible though, a few aches and pains as the creaking bones creak a bit more!! Started to go again as my lower back was aching far too much - still does, but in twinges, rather than the constant ache that was there. Suzie is coming as well now - aiming to get that size smaller wedding dress!!

Ah, well, better finish cup of tea, put on tie and wander off to school - I like today, it's my every other Wednesday when I have non-contact time ALL morning, which usually means nothing much done of my own as I'm grabbed to do the boysie tech stuff around the school - like yesterday; 'my projector won't work' - it did when I turned the plug on....

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