Sunday, May 20, 2007

As UB40 ( and others) sang...Red Red Wine -:)

It's been a while since the last post (as Debs pointed out!). So what's been occurring in the Wood-Fazey (as we'll be known after August 2008) (or Fazey-Wood) household?

I suppose the answer is not a lot, unless you like gardening, then Suzie's been REALLY busy... well busier than she has been over the past twelve years here. We now have a patch of ( i can't remember the official name at present but they're blue) flowers alongside geraniums and anemone.

ALSO - I've done some DIY - well I put up a bracket for a hanging basket AND IT'S STILL THERE....

Now the 'garden' has been enhanced by a clematis Sue's sister Pam gave here - called Pretty Sue.. well she is XXX

Now - there are loads (isn't that a trite word, if my kids used it I would go ballistic!!) of blogs out there now and i like these;-

Anyway, sat in the garden with Sophie in the flat above playing her flute, the weather is cooling and life is fine. Time for a song...

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