Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yippee - it's a snowday....

Thank you weatherman - it's our now nearly annual snow-day off.
Lots of expectation by the kids at school all week about how they were going to spend Thursday having fun in the snow, and lo and behold, down it came!! Bit of trepidation waiting for the phone call to say get back into bed, but it came from the luscious Dianne.

So - back to the future - Our Kiwi Land Adventure.

Planning is developing nicely - getting our itinerary up and running, so to speak. Decided to hire a car and sleep in a bed, rather than the camper van we first considered.

So, plan so far:- arrive 23rd, stay in Auckland with Aunt Joan, then immediately decamp (sorry Aunt Joan) and leg it up to Northlands and stay at Paihia for a couple of nights - this is so we can go here for my brthday:-

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